We all need to have a creative outlet, a window,
so we don’t lose track of ourselves


With “Paysages Humains” you are helping all the instigators of these projects around the world. You can follow our meetings and choose your contribution, on a regular or occasional basis, depending on your commitment and interests.

From € 10 to € 500 or more, within your means.

As part of these operations and as regards all donations, support, sponsorship… the organisation will make its accounts and budgets available.

All traveling and accommodation expenses are fully paid by Sandrine and Olivier on a private basis so not to have impact on the functioning of the foundation.

Thus, any donation and funding will be entirely allocated to the organisations linked to each project.

The process…

All donations have do be done by money transfer to:

Paysages Humains
IBAN: FR76 3056 8199 0800 0285 4780 181
Banque Transatlantique
26 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 Paris – France –

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