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2017: Support campaign to Indianostrum Theater

Join us in financing the Indianostrum Theater’s french tour.

In January 2016 Indianostrum hosted the first rehearsals of what would become Ariane Mnouchkine’s La Chambre en Inde (house in India) performed at the Théâtre du Soleil (at Vincennes’ Cartoucherie). It is now the Compagnie du Soleil’s turn to welcome them from 10 April to 25 June 2017.

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Paysages Humains
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Last News



During our last journey in Vietnam on march 2017 we participate to the construction of little houses for the most disadvantaged people on the Mekong delta.


Creation in Istanbul of a french speaking long films festival called “My First Long” bringing together the first movie of directors and actors such as Claire Simon, Arnaud Desplechin, Bruno Dumont…..


We decide to support Yusra a group of volunteers which welcomes children from 4 to 7, providing meals, school activities, readings; A place of safety and comfort for children refugees from Syria, mainly from small towns around Aleppo.